BV International

Seminar on Advanced Valuation and Value Driven Decisions

Venue: Britcham (Camara Britanica – Guatemalteca), Guatemala

10 Avenida 15 – 33 de la zona 10 “Casa Laxton”


Date: September 23rd, 2019

Time: 4:00PM – 6.30 PM


In our increasingly competitive world, attaining success depends on a deliberate recognition and measurement of the external and internal risk value factors affecting your company in the mid-long term. We support companies in the definition of a strategic value-added proposition and in the elaboration of value creation plan aimed at capturing internal and external opportunities as well as mitigating risks. In our fast-changing world, it is a MUST to have a long-term view with a value perspective of today’s business environment.


Why You Should Attend & What You Should Learn:

  • The importance of an advance valuation as a tool to compete and create value in the long term
  • How to manage your company with a long-term value-based perspective
  • How to elaborate strategic plans and take value-based decisions by identifying and assessing the risk value-drivers of your company
  • How to measure the risk-return trade off and impact of new opportunities in your business
  • Real Cases

Dr. Fernando Scarpati

Managing Director


Founder and managing partner of Business Valuation International Ltd. in London, Dr Scarpati is a PhD in Valuation and Risk with more than 25 years in the Private Equity Sector and more than 500 valuations worldwide. He started his career in a top tier consulting firm continuing with an impressive experience as Investment Director and Financial Service Director in important groups and PEs.

He also holds an MBA, an Industrial Engineer degree and Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business. As visiting Professor of the Roehampton business school and Politecnico of Milan, he wrote many international articles in top financial journals and he is regularly interviewed by the Swiss Financial TV. Fernando speaks fluent English, German, Italian and Spanish.