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Business Valuation International

BVint provides Advanced Independent Valuations and Risk Models worldwide to private equities, family offices,  investors, entrepreneurs, managers, and to accounting and legal firms. We identify and measure both external and internal risk-value drivers using @Risk Palisade (Monte Carlo Simulations with Real Option Pricing Models) and advanced probabilistic analysis. Our focus allows us to be independent and also to be specialized in the analysis of a business from every angle: Industry, markets, strategy, technology, operations, and macro economic environments.

Business Valuation International

BVint was founded in 2012 as a response to the financial crisis partly driven by the lack of accurate risk assessment in valuation practices. Traditional valuations and financial models are static and they are far from reflecting reality and not able to show the business volatile flow and risks. Today, all industry stakeholders increasingly view a proper measurement of private equity risks as necessary. As a consequence, BVint (following the last recommendations of the EVCA association) developed more accurate and sophisticated valuation models to fully understand and correctly quantify the risks present in illiquid asset class investments.


BVint was the first company in Europe to offer Advanced Multidimensional Valuations with Stochastic Models and is a global leader in this arena with Headquarters in London and Offices in Geneva, Amsterdam and Malta. It was  founded in London by a team of Valuation experts coming from Private Equity, Investment Banking and/or Top Tier Consultancy firms, and more than 20 years in the profession. Today, BVint  has clients and partners in more than 30 countries and our international experience combined with our regional presence give us a global view of the local industry.


Our HQ in London uses the most advanced tools and methodologies to assess risk and value: We use the software @RISK PALISADE. ( to develop probabilistic valuation models. In addition, our  databases includes:

  • Market and industry statistics and trends
  • Data and strategy of the main players per industry/region
  • M&A transactions and valuation data per industry/region
  • Macro economic risks and trend statistics

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