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We offer many services to support the decision making process of the food and beverage industry projects and companies. Our advanced Monte Carlo based techniques allow us to deliver strategic, economic and risk modelling solutions as well as advanced quantitative approaches, including:

  • Evaluation of individual investment opportunities or projects include
    • Macro economic analysis of the region,
    • Market analysis of the sector,
    • Strategic analysis positioning: Identification of strategic forces
    • Identification and measurement of all  internal and external risk-value drivers involved in the target,
    • Advanced risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation,
    • Stochastic Forecast based on event probabilities and variables volatilities previously identified.
  • Risk measurement using advanced probabilistic analysis based on history, statistics, market expectations, management experiences and other inputs.
  • We analyse and measure the size and potential growth of the market in which the business operates.
  • We analyse and measure the success probability of the R&D division of the company to keep pace with market fast changes in the long term. The output is based on past experience, statistics, product differentiation, management know how and track record, and management experience and expectations.
  • Brand Valuation
  • Our independent point of view will eliminate any optimistic management expectation.
  • Performance and value per product, division, region, etc, to support the decision process for an investment, expansion, or discontinuity of the production of a particular product.
  • Restructuring and value creation plans
  • Advance modelling which consider all external and internal variables for long term forecast aimed at addressing complex decisions
  • Financing issues (e.g. debt modelling, project finance, supporting of equity raises, use of non-conventional financing techniques)
  • Advanced valuation techniques (combining cash flow, uncertainty analysis, real options, etc). Our valuations include:
    • Current Value
    • Restructured added value (operational turnover)
    • Financial restructured added value
    • Strategic Value
    • Synergic added Value 
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