Rohit Pandey

BVint – Newsletter Edition 07

1. M&A During Q2 2020
    1.1 M&A Activity During Q2 2020
    1.2 Valuations During Q2 2020
    1.3 M&A Activity by Sector During Q2 2020 
2. Sports Deal Activity Increase
     2.1 Sport Market after COVID19:
            Super-Digitalization Trend
     2.2 Private Equity Funds Investing in Sports

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Rohit Pandey

BVint – Newsletter Edition 06

1. COVID19 Impact on Start-ups and Venture Capital Valuations
1.1 Venture Capital Valuations during Q1 2020
1.2 Before and After COVID19: Revolut and Monzo Valuations

2. The Future of the Banking Sector after COVID19
2.1 COVID19 Impact on the Banking Sector
2.2 How to Recover and Win

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Rohit Pandey

BVint – Newsletter Edition 05

1. Crude Oil volatility and their impact on Company’s Forecast
1.1 Crude Oil Price and Volatility during COVID-19
1.2 Crude Oil Price Expectations (Probabilistic and Stochastic Analysis)
1.3 How to Calculate the Impact of Oil Volatility on your Business

2. Assess Operational and Supply Chain Resilience to Mitigate Risk
2.1 Rethinking Operational Risk and Supply Chain (Lessons from COVID-19)
2.2 How to Assess Operational Risk using Advanced Analytics

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Rohit Pandey

BVint – Newsletter Edition 03

1. Have you assessed the potential impact of coronavirus on your business?
1.1 The impact on the Economy and the Industry
1.2 Other sectors at risk
2. Time for planning : Restructuring and Financial plan
2.1 Impact on the short term (Diagnosis)
2.2 Restructuring plan (Plan to face short term distress)
2.3 Strategic plan (Plan to face long term changes)
3. The impact of coronavirus on public valuation and on SaaS companies

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