BV International

Valuation Company of the Year – 2022

We are proud to announce that Business Valuation International Ltd, a global leader in advanced independent valuation and risk modeling, has been awarded Valuation Company of the Year 2022 by M&A Today Global Award – 2022. Founded in 2012 by PhD Dr. Fernando Scarpati and a team of PhDs from leading private equity firms, BVint was the first company in Europe to offer advanced multidimensional valuation with probabilistic multi-scenario analysis and Monte Carlo simulations. This recognition highlights our commitment to providing top-notch valuation services to our clients and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team.

As quoted by our founder and managing partner, Mr. Fernando Scarpati, Valuations are driven by the potential of a business. However, that is always uncertain and subject to a wide range of specific risks that need to be measured. Many traditional valuation methods simply underestimate risk or treat it as a static, one-time event. This is why BVint uses Monte Carlo analysis to assess the volatility of different drivers in the long term.

We are thrilled to have received this award from M&A Today Global Award – 2022 and are grateful for the recognition of our hard work and dedication. Contact us to learn more about our advanced independent valuation and risk modeling services

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